Andruw Jones - What is your advice to parents with young hitters about

 Launch Angle with Andruw Jones. What is your advice to parents with young hitters about launch angle? Listen to one of the greatest players to ever play in Major League Baseball talk about launch angle and what it really means. Andruw gets in depth about where your hands should travel and where your barrel should be through the swing. He talks about making solid contact and going through the ball, which is what all hitters are striving for while they are hitting.

Andruw Jones is a former Major League Baseball player and Nippon Professional Baseball Player. Andruw spent 17 seasons with the Atlanta Braves (where he is an Atlanta Braves Hall of Famer), Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, and the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles. Andruw is widely regarded as one of, if not the best defensive outfielders to ever play in Major League Baseball. Andruw won the Rawlings Gold Glove Award and astonishing 10 times as the best defensive outfielder in baseball. Andruw also won the Silver Slugger Award and the Hank Aaron award in 2005. He was voted an MLB All-Star five times during his career.

Our goal at Hit Run Steal is to have every child play baseball / softball at the highest level they choose. Over the past few weeks I hit the road and talked to people at all levels of the game. MLB Coaches, MLB Gold Glove Winners, Elite Travel Coaches and Top Instructors to get their thoughts on youth sports. We cover Fundamentals, Coaching, Parent Involvement, Multi Sport Vs One Sport and Much, Much, More. I hope the you enjoy the interviews.

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