About Our Gloves

HRS Custom Gloves are designed by you, handcrafted by us! 

We currently offer 3 series of gloves to choose from:

1. Select Series  2. Elite Series  3. Pro Series

Each series of glove is available in a fielder's glove, catcher's mitt, and first base mitts. Custom HRS gloves are constructed with a dualpalm construction for added comfort, pocket consistency, and durability. We use PRO USA Tanned Leather lacing, a full grain leather palm lining for added comfort, and a 100% Wool Blend padding for undeviating pattern shape and resilience. The main difference between each series is the type of leather used to construct each one. 

Select series gloves are constructed with American Steerhide Barnstormer Leather and are our most versatile glove perfect any age ballplayer. We chose this leather due to its softness and ease of breaking in. Our Select Series glove offers our shortest break-in time and we recommend this series for players of all ages and skill levels. 

Elite Series gloves are constructed with Premium Class ShutOut Leather that is produced in the exclusive Himeji glove tanning region in Japan. This leather is going to be a bit more stiff than the leather used in our Select Series and will have a longer break-in period. We recommend our Elite Series gloves to players 12 and over due to the stiffness of the glove. 

Pro Series Gloves are constructed with Japanese Prime Cut Leather and are our stiffest gloves. The leather we use for this glove is very high quality and will take some time to break-in. We recommend our Pro Series for higher level players 

All of our gloves are handcrafted and made to order with a turnaround time of 7-10 weeks. Custom glove orders cannot be cancelled or altered 24 hours after order has been placed. 

We proudly offer 11 webs, 15 color choices, 9 size options, and many additional features such as custom name, number, and favorite flag. We continue to research and update the customizer with more great features so please check back regularly to see what all you can do with your design. 

If you have any questions about your glove you can email our support team (support@hitrunsteal.com) and we will do our best to assist in any way we can.