At What Age Do You Start Identifying Players To Recruit? Monte Lee-Clemson University Head Baseball Coach

Hit Run Steal had a chance to sit down with Monte Lee-Head Baseball Coach at Clemson University to talk about recruiting baseball players.

Coach Lee let us know that it is more important to make sure that you are making yourself a better baseball player instead of being a "showcase" player. Enjoy Coach Lee imparting his wisdom and knowledge to all of us.


  • :08 Earlier and earlier
  • :16 Start identifying in high school
  • :32 Be a good player
  • :52 Exit velocity
  • 1:00 60 time
  • 1:07 Everything geared towards getting recruited
  • 1:21 Pitch too much and throw to little
  • 1:25 Play too much and practice too little
  • 1:40 Fundamental driven
  • 1:53 Being recruited the by product
  • 2:10 Trying to turn kids into showcase players
  • 2:35 Change our focus
  • 2:52 Try to help us win
  • 3:23 They are prepared

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