How Do I Know If My Son Is Good Enough For An Elite Travel Baseball Team?

How Do I Know If My Son Is Good Enough For An Elite Travel Baseball Team?


In this interview, Hit Run Steal talks with Andy Burress-Owner of 5 Star National about elite travel baseball. We ask him the question: How do I know if my son is good enough for an elite travel baseball team. As parents, we oftentimes struggle with an assessment of our kid's ability in the game of baseball. Andy talks about taking the guesswork out of the equation and how that happens in regard to any elite baseball program.

5 Star National continues to win National Championships and consistently ranks at the very top in travel baseball rankings as one of if not the best organization in the country. 5 Star National players have received athletic scholarships to play baseball at the college level. Chain/5 Star National has also had 108 players selected in the MLB amateur draft.

Andy was drafted in the 6th round by the Cincinnati Reds in the 1995 amateur draft. Andy played for 7 years in the Reds organization as an outfielder and catcher. After his playing career ended he took over Chain Baseball, which is a travel baseball organization. He quickly grew Chain Baseball into one of the premier travel baseball organizations in the country with numerous National Championships in multiple age brackets.

In 2017 the organization changed names from Chain to the current 5 Star National.

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