The best size glove for a baseball catcher

The best size glove for a baseball catcher

The catcher is a critical position in baseball, responsible for receiving pitches, calling the game for the pitcher, and throwing out base runners trying to steal.

To be effective at the catcher position, a player must be physically and mentally tough and have a strong work ethic. They must also be able to handle the physical demands of the position, including the wear and tear on their body from crouching behind the plate for nine innings.

With all that being said, we must make sure a catcher has the right piece of leather on their hand! Having the correct size glove is important for a catcher's comfort, ball control, and throwing accuracy. It is therefore essential for a catcher to choose a glove that fits well and meets their specific needs and preferences. Let's break down these 3 aspects a bit further....

  1. Comfort: A glove that is too small or too large will be uncomfortable to wear and may cause hand fatigue or difficulty catching the ball. A glove that fits well will be more comfortable to use and will allow the catcher to focus on their responsibilities without distraction.

  2. Ball control: A glove that is too small will not provide enough surface area to catch the ball, while a glove that is too large may cause the ball to get lost in the pocket. A glove that is the correct size will provide a good balance of surface area and control, allowing the catcher to catch the ball consistently.

  3. Throwing accuracy: A glove that is too small or too large may affect the catcher's throwing accuracy and speed. A glove that is the correct size will allow the catcher to throw with maximum velocity and accuracy.


Here is a table that provides some general recommendations for mitt size based on a player's age:

Age Mitt Size (in inches)
Under 12 31-34
Over 12 33-36


Keep in mind that these are just general guidelines and the best mitt size for a particular player will depend on their specific needs and preferences. 

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