The Rare Triple Play

The Rare Triple Play

Triple Play - The rare act of making 3 outs in one play. A feat that has only been accomplished 722 times in Major League Baseball (MLB) since 1876!!

Executing a triple play is rare, however, there is one type of triple play that is more rarer then the rest....the UNASSISTED TRIPLE PLAY!! The unassisted triple play is when 1 player completes all 3 outs without any help from teammates. According to the wikipedia page for "triple play," this has only occurred 15 times in MLB history! Taking it one step further, baseball historians have only documented 2 game ending unassisted triple plays in the history of the MLB. The first occurred in 1927 and the second wouldn't happen for another 82 years in 2009! 

According to the SABR triple play database, the most common triple play is the 5-4-3 combination, which has happened 101 times. 

The most recent triple play in MLB was turned by the Milwaukee Brewers on September 27, 2020, against the St. Louis Cardinals in the bottom of the eighth inning at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. With runners on first base and second base, the Cardinals batter, Yadier Molina, hit a ground ball to third base. Jace Peterson fielded the ball and stepped on third (first out), then threw to Keston Hiura at second base (second out), and Hiura threw to Jedd Gyorko at first base (third out) * source



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