What Are Your Thoughts About Multi Sport Athletes vs Single Sport Athl

Hit Run Steal had a chance to sit down with Monte Lee-Head Coach Clemson University Baseball and talk to him about his thoughts on Multi Sport vs Single Sport Athletes.

Do Division I baseball coaches like players to play multiple sports or concentrate on baseball? Listen to Coach Lee tell us what he thinks.

:06 I believe in multiple sports
:14 Pro scouts
:20 We want athletes
:35 Your swing may get better
:47 How athletic is that pitcher
:55 Football, soccer, basketball help with feet
1:17 Biggest jumps
1:31 Peaking earlier
1:41 Are they better when they're 21
1:56 Significant jump
2:07 Can't make that big jump
2:15 Athleticism suffers
2:30 It's hurting us
2:52 Applaud kids who don't specialize

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