What Are Your Thoughts On Positive vs Negative Baseball Parents-Chad Holbrook University of South Carolina Head Baseball Coach

Hit Run Steal had a chance to sit down and talk to Chad Holbrook-University of South Carolina Head Baseball Coach about negative vs positive baseball parents.

Listen to Coach Holbrook and what he has to say to all parents (including himself) about how we should parent our young athletes. This one of the best and most thoughtful videos we have of Coach Holbrook sharing his knowledge and wisdom with us.

:13 Mom and Dad can't help you
:23 Very hard to hit a baseball
:40 Parental involvement in our sport is extremely important
:52 Sit back and watch your son play
1:11 I want to help him
1:32 Being the focal point at a game is a no no
1:39 Cheer for them
1:56 Being a great baseball parent is not an easy task
2:10 It takes self-control

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