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What Is The Role Of A Parent In A Players Life-Monte Lee Head Baseball Coach Clemson University

What is the role of a parent in a players life? Coach Monte Lee of Clemson University's Baseball Program speaks to parents about their role in their son or daughter's life in regards to sports.

All parents should listen to his wisdom and experience when it comes to parents dealing with their kids at home and at the baseball or softballl field. Enjoy!

Video Highlights:

  • :10 Parents are too involved
  • :20 Baseball is becoming a Country Club Sport
  • :42 Kids need to have an investment
  • :50 Parents need to step back
  • 1:26 Developing leaders
  • 1:41 Let our kids fail
  • 1:55 Coach kids in a tough manner
  • 2:21 Parents should be involved in choosing the right academic school
  • 2:44 Drop your kid off
  • 2:55 Let coaches do their job
  • 3:03 Parents yelling in the stands
  • 3:30 Do the best I can in school
  • 3:53 We have our priorities wrong


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